Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

  • Heart shaped strawberry, raspberry and pistachio tart 8 pers

    Cookie dough, marzipan, almond cream, pistachio pastry cream and plenty strawberries

  • Heart shaped hazelnut praline and apricot mousse cake 1 size only 8 pers

    Chiffon cake, hazelnut praline mousseline cream with chocolate truffle chunks and apricot mousse

  • Macaron cake with rose petal and litchee 8 to 10 pers

    Decorated with a golden ribbon

  • Chocolate lover cake 10 to 12 pers

    Layers of dark chocolate mousse, light chocolate mousse, brownie and ganache , beautiful milk chocolate bow to finish the top

  • See also all our mother’s day presentation of chocolate, truffles, macarons, pate de fruit, petit fours, cookies and more………..



  • Smoked salmon sauce Aurore

    With poached eggs

  • Bacon wrapped U-10 scallop's benedict

    On brioche toasted with hollandaise sauce

  • Gilled jumbo shrimps beurre blanc

    Over truffle and potato omelet

  • Filet Mignon benedict

    On a fresh brioche bun, mushroom, ducxelle, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce

  • Nutella pan cake and berries

    Pan cake top with Nutella, toasted hazelnut and mix berries in syrup


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