Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

  • Heart shaped strawberry and pistachio tart 8 pers

    Cookie dough, marzipan, almond cream, pistachio pastry cream and plenty strawberries

  • Heart shaped framboisier 1 size only 8 to 10 pers

    Chiffon cake, light flavored kirsch syrup, mousseline cream and raspberries. full covered in light pink fondant, decorated with a marzipan rose.

  • Macaron cake with rose petal and litchee 8 to 10 pers

    Decorated with a golden ribbon

  • Chocolate lover cake 8 to 10 pers

    layers of dark chocolate mousse, light chocolate mousse, brownie and ganache , bitter sweet chocolate couverture wrapped around and a beautiful chocolate bow to finish the top

  • See also all our mother’s day presentation of chocolate, truffles, macarons, pate de fruit, petit fours, cookies and more………..


  • Complimentary glass of mimosa

  • Lobster omelet

    Lobster and chive omelet served over lobster bisque

  • Salmon Jeanine

    Faroe Island’s salmon in tiny slices over diced tomato topped with hollandaise sauce gratiné

  • Truffle devil eggs

    Chopped truffle and truffle mayo over green beans salad and toasted brioche

  • Truffle and cream scramble eggs

    Served with toasted brioche

  • Hazelnut pan cake and berrie

    Hazelnut pan cake top with Nutella and mix berries in syrup


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