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Tuesday, Oct 13 2015

Lunch Specials for Tuesday

Monday - Friday from 11:30 AM to 6:45 PM or until we run out !!

  • Grilled New York steak blue cheese sauce,

    potato and sweet potato gratin with walnut, side of salad.

  • Sautéed flounder filet sauce Nantua,

    “crayfish butter with crayfish meat”, mushroom flan and brown rice, side of salad

  • Nota: for better health we change our dressing for side of salad, it’s now very light with low fat yogurt Dijon and lemon juice, for your convenience our regular house dressing still available


  • Soup of the day

    Mix veggies soup

  • Sandwich Special

    Grilled chicken, pesto and fresh mozzarella on baguette

  • Array of vegetables

    Potato and sweet potato gratin with walnut, mushroom flan and grilled tomato

  • Salad special

    Tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, dices of ham and cheese, organic mix green and vinaigrette


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